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Diane Ziibisky
2019-09-09 20:37:55
Are we allowed to have our House For Sale Signs on posts on our grass?
2019-03-29 15:22:32
Hi David, The April pot luck will be our last one forever. Just wanted you to know. I have sent an email to Juree for the newsletter. Thanks for all that you do for the park. Sure is appreciated.
roberta robb
2018-10-21 14:25:46
renters don't get any increases. why?
Diane Ziibisky
2018-09-16 22:22:55
Everyone be on the lookout for a Bobcat, I saw one in our back yard, Sunday around 5:20 pm. Near the woods behind Douglas Ave.
I would add the pictures I took but I don't know how on this comment page.
I did some research and Bobcats are nocturnal, so this one may have rabies, if it was out before dark.
If you see it stay indoors, do not try to catch it. Management please set traps, this is a wild animal and does not need to be here in our community, it may harm someone or their pets. Thank you
Barbara Jenkins
2018-07-03 23:43:00
What is happening with lot lease increase? Some of us are being raised by more tha 5% While others are less than 3%. This is not fair. What do you think?
David Griswold
2018-01-14 19:31:57
I'm Trying out this comments page again. Feel free to add comments on this page.

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