The following members were elected to the Home Owners Association Board ; Howard Forder-President, Karen Haque- Vice President, Helene Cosme- Secretary, Doug Petersen- Treasure, Roger O’Donnell- Director


“Because of Covid19 and the closing of the Clubhouse, the HOA Board held an emergency meeting and the following actions were adopted:

“ELECTION: The Ballot Box remains on the screen porch at the Fairhurst house at 1740 Red Pine Ave. You can drop your ballots there. On Monday, it will be moved to the Clubhouse porch and will be there from Noon until 5p. You can vote there. At 5p, the Election Committee will account the ballots on the porch and announce the winners. If you choose to be there, please stay 6 feet apart.

“ANNUAL MEETING: The Annual Meeting has been postponed until our own beloved snowbirds return. The Annual Meeting will be held on the third Thursday of October. Of course, the new Board may choose to change the date.

Dangerous conditions has been experienced by some residents when golf cart and bicyle drivers failed to have their lights on after dark. Please make sure to have lights on.

Don’t risk loosing the HOA. Our park falls under the 723 law which provides rules all park owners must follow and protects the rights of residents. If our park residents do not support the HOA and it is disolved we lose the protection of the 723 law. Residents then would fall under the owner/landlord rental laws. Landlords have a legal right to increase rents monthly and evictions can require only 6 days to leave. Join the HOA today. Its only $25.00 per year.

Remember all vehicles must obey all park regulations. Residents have found themselves in dangerous circumstances when drivers dont stop and obey the speed limit. Sherrif’s are patrolling the park and will give tickets.