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CLOTHING COLLECTION BOX: We now have a clothing collection box in the storage area. The donations will benefit the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Men, Women or Children clothing accepted.

US FLAG DISPOSAL: Skeeter Burgess has volunteered to collect and take old US flags to the VFW for disposal. We will have a collection box in the laundry room at the clubhouse.

POP AND BEER CAN TOP'S: Please save your pop and beer can tops and drop them off at the office.
They will be donated to Ronald McDonald House in Orlando.

COMPLAINTS: The HOA how has a locked suggestion box on the wall outside of the clubhouse. Please feel free to drop off any complaint, comments or suggestions in this box. All complaints must be signed.

POSTAL PERSON: Distributing the mail takes concentration. If you are waiting for your mail, let the mail person do their job and wait on the porch of the clubhouse.

DOG CLEANUP: Please clean up after your dogs.

YARD LIGHT POST: We need your help to ensure all post lights are working for night safety. If your light is always on or does not come on at night please repair it. Try these simple solutions for repair
   Replace the bulb
   Check to make sure the GFI electric outlets is not tripped. (Some are located in the bathroom or kitchen; others may be on the electrical panel).
   Check your electrical panel for any tripped breakers.
   Replace your photoelectric eye/sensor located on your lamp post. Replacements are generally available at Home Depot or Lowes.
   Seek a knowledgeable neighbor that can turn off poser breaker panel and assist you in replacing a bad photoelectric sensor.

POWER OUTAGES: For the fastest service when the power goes out, call Duke Energy to report it. Duke Energy Customer line is: 407-629-1010

CLUBHOUSE HOURS: The clubhouse doors are open from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Please use the punch code on door to access the clubhouse at any other times. Deadbolt locks are set every evening at 10pm

POOL: Resident and Guest are required to display pool passes. Each home will receive 2 resident and 2 guest passes. There is no smoking in the immediate pool area. A separate/attached smoking area is available adjacent to the pool. No glass containers or cups allowed in the pool area. Do not eat or bring food inside the pool deck area. Tables are provided on the clubhouse porch to eat. Anyone in violation of these rules will be asked to leave the pool. The Sheriff’s office may be contacted for assistance.

PARKING: There is no parking on the street or grass areas in the park. Parking is permitted at the clubhouse and in areas without any no-parking signs.

RECYCLING: There is a recycle bin located in the storage area next to the clubhouse. Paper, Cardboard, Plastic bottles, Aluminum/metal cans are accepted. Break down any cardboard boxes.

BOAT/RV/TRAILER OWNERS: Please contact office to register your vehicle. In emergencies we need to be able to contact the appropriate owner.

WATER RESTRICTIONS: Lawn watering days are: Even addresses water on Thursdays and Sundays. Odd addresses water on Wednesday and Saturday. Watering times are before 10am. or after 4pm.

GUESTS: Don’t forget to register your guest at the community office.

COMMUNITY TV CHANNELS: Bright House subscribers have access to the mailbox channel 732 and Whispering Pines information channel 733.

FERAL CATS: Feral cats are an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. Please do not feed cats that wander the neighborhood. Traps are set out on a regular basis to capture the wild cats and have them relocated.

CONSTRUCTION: Before doing any construction the park manager must approve any changes. Forms are available at the community office and must be filled out and submitted before construction may occur. Some construction requires county permits so check with the county office before beginning. For your protection make sure any contractor is licensed with the State of Florida, registered with the Osceola county office, and carries workers compensation and liability insurance.

RESIDENT REFERRAL PROGRAM: One month free lot rent for every referral that closes on the sale of a home. Available to current home owners and renters.

Pool & Spa Rules

In order to ensure we are in compliance with the State of Florida chapter 64E-9 and our prospectus, there are specific rules, laws and guidelines we as pool & spa operators are required to follow. The pool & spa opens @ 9:00AM and closes at 10:00PM.
Our pool & spa is an amenity provided to our residents, with that comes responsibility for each resident and their guest. Pool & Spa violations will be taken seriously, violations of Florida laws and our rules will result in the removal of resident and or guest from pool & spa. Aggressive behavior will be forwarded to our local law enforcement.
NO GLASS OF ANY KIND is never allowed in any portion of pool & spa and pool deck area.
An extension off the pool deck area allowing eating, alcohol and smoking. This is the only area approved for smoking and alcohol. "NO GLASS OF ANY KIND " is allowed in this defined area as well.
Florida law prohibits food or drinks of any kind into the pool or wet deck area. The wet deck area is defined as a four foot area from the edge of the pool.
We have a maximum number of people that can be in the pool and spa, that number approved by the State of Florida for pool is 48 and spa is 5. In a scenario where the maximum number of occupants is reached our residents are first priority, guest will be on hold until space is available.  
There are pool & spa bands available in the office. All Residents should wear their red band when at the pool and spa and all guest must wear a yellow band. No child under the age of 16 is allowed in pool unless they are accompanied by a person 21 years old.
Due to the depth of the Pool there is absolutely no diving, jumping into the pool, running on pool & spa deck or horseplay. Signage is posted to ensure the safety of residents and guest.
Bathing suits or appropriate swimwear are required, no cut offs or shirts are allowed in pool & spa. There is a shower provided to rinse off prior to entering pool  & spa.
For any emergency there is a emergency phone located adjacent to pool on clubhouse porch, dial "911". The address to our clubhouse is posted. There is a first aid kit located in clubhouse library.
Some folks like to bring soft toys or floats to use in the pool, this is fine as long as you use caution not to infringe on the rights of others that do not choose to be part of this activity.


In the interest of safety for our residents we are respectfully requesting that all residents, their guest and visitors adhere to our established park rules and a sense of courtesy regarding vehicle speeds and stop signs within our community.
The Whispering Pines Community has posted 15 Miles Per Hour speed limit signs Throughout the park.
Pedestrians, bicycles and golf carts have the right of way, please use patience  when you approach these situations. Motorcycles  and Golf carts as with any vehicle are required to comply with all speed limits and stop signs within the park.
Motorcycles shall not be ridden in the Mobile Home Park, except to and from the mobile home lot to the closest outside exit via the shortest route.
Any vehicle found parking over night on the street or on the grass of any mobile home lot will receive a notice, repeat violations will warrant a vehicle to be towed away at the owners expense. No vehicle of any kind shall be driven or parked on lawns anywhere in the Mobile Home Park. This would include parking any portion of a vehicle on the edge of lawns.
Tenants may park up to three (3) vehicles on their lots, provided space is available to accommodate such vehicles in accordance with rules. Additional parking for tenants and guests is available near the clubhouse area.
Vehicles can park on the roadway only during daylight hours, however overnight parking is restricted. Overflow overnight parking is required to be in the clubhouse parking area. When parking on roadways please be considerate of your neighbors and do not block their driveways or impede on their ability to negotiate entering of leaving their driveway.
Auto repairs, cars on blocks, jacks, ramps, etc., are not permitted on the mobile home lot.  All vehicles must have current license plates and registration. All vehicles must be equipped with a muffler.
Trucks larger than a pick-up truck are not permitted in the Park, except for delivery and pick-up purposes only. Recreational vehicles and boats may parked in the community for purposes of loading and unloading and for periodic cleaning only, and may not remain parked in the community for more than three (3) consecutive days.  Management may terminate a tenant’s right to this privilege if management in its sole discretion determines that the tenant has abused this privilege.
The Right is reserved by the Mobile Home Park to remove any vehicle, or refuse admittance to any vehicle not adhering to the Park Rules and Regulations concerning the operation of said vehicles in the Park.
Clearly our residents and guest safety is a priority, we need everyone's participation in following the established rules and a sense of courtesy to ensure the safety of all those in our community.  

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